The cat in the hat I will drink monster energy here everywhere t-shirt


On the cat’s face, there is a mustache, which is a cat’s assistant. When chasing mice and rats running into a cave, cats want to chase, mustache must not touch the door of the cave, but if the mustache touches, the cat cannot chase, because the length of the mustache is equal to the width of the body. Specially very hearing cat ears and cat eyes very fine. Cat ears can hear all mouse movements, even the smallest. Cat’s eyes have a special structure, can be stretched, and cat’s eyes shrink in the day, the night of the cat’s eyes relaxes, can be seen in the dark. That explains why cats often catch mice at night. The cat in the hat I will drink monster energy here everywhere t-shirt are afraid of cold, they like to sleep in warm places, like curling up and caressing their fur. In winter, cats often sleep next to the stove, crawling into warm blankets. On sunny days, cats jump on the roof of the kitchen or lie outside in the yard to heat the sun. Cat fur is very special, when illuminated, it will synthesize into vitamin D, cats take vitamins by licking their hair, we mistakenly think that cats clean themselves. At the foot of the cat there is a thick cushion of meat, even though jumping up and down does not make a sound. The main food of cats is mice, but cats also eat more rice, fish and vegetables. Cat’s feet have elastic claws, normally claws, when self-defense or prey, the nail stretches out.

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Cats give birth to babies and raise babies with milk. Litters of 2 – 6 children per litter. The one-month-old kitten is taught by her mother how to catch rats, catch prey. Cats help kill harmful animals, cats can catch cockroaches. Currently, the number of cats is getting less and less because there are many small Tigers growing up. So we have to protect cats. Lovely cats help a lot of people. From catching mice to harming crops, to catch cockroaches for the wardrobe we smell good. I love cats very much and always protect them.