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Pandas have added thumbs to hold food. Although classified as carnivorous, the main food of pandas is plants. They feed on young branches and leaves, and live mainly on bamboo and bamboo plants. Raccoons need a quantity of food about a quarter of their body weight a day. In order to easily get food on tree branches, pandas have a special adaptation. On the Chicago bears‘s front foot there is a long, slender wrist bone, with a cushion at the end. This part functions like a thumb, helping the panda to hold the food more gently when on the trunk. Lazy bears use insects to attract insects. Talking about interesting eating habits, can’t ignore the special lips of lazy bears. This bear is native to India, in addition to eating flowers and fruits, they also like to eat ants and termites. By using a long lower lip, wrapped around the nose, it can create a long straw on the mouth. And because of the lack of upper front teeth, it can easily attract insects as food. The most popular brown bear in the world. Chicago bears Big Mack Nocheese are found throughout Europe, North America, northern Africa and Asia. Currently, the habitat of brown wattle has been narrowed, but brown bears are still considered to be less threatened with extinction. It is estimated that there are about 200,000 Grolar (or Pizzly) brown bears – a cross between brown bears and polar bears.

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Brown bears and polar bears are two species that often avoid each other. Therefore, it is very rare to meet them lovingly together. However, when the weather changes, people come across them wandering in areas close to each other. As a result, the birth of a cross between these two bears is called Grolar or Pizzly. COOL Chicago bears Big Mack Nocheese sweatshirt and t shirt This is the first natural hybrid bear to be found, because it was previously only found in a zoo. Polar bears are considered marine animals. Polar bears are considered to be special bears in bears. They adapted to life on ice, hunted the globe and picked up whale carcasses. Polar bear shelters are ice patches. The main food of polar bears is seals. They swim very well and often swim to the sea far from the mainland. With these adaptations, polar bears are called marine animals.