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Coors Light Beer Vietnam officially introduced to its customers the exclusive music CD “Flushing – Amplify your refreshment” with a jubilant party at Hard Rock café. New album with unreleased songs of current emerging young artists like Thao Trang, Antoneus Maximus, Thanh Bui, Jayson Norris, Opshop band and young 365 band. Since their presence in Vietnam market Male, Coors Light Beer – The flavor of this fresh beer in the world, distributed by Viet Thai International Company, always attaches its image to music. Among them, there is the program of Rock Show 11th anniversary of Rock Fan Club – one of the biggest rock fan communities in Vietnam. ultra coors light bud light beer is a combination of 5 different personality styles of East and West. In addition to the launch of the famous music CD and beer brand, there is also a promotion for giving CD to customers when buying 6-Coors Light cans at supermarkets and retail systems across the country. In addition, when enjoying Coors Light at restaurants, bars … customers can also exchange 6 bottle caps to enjoy this new CD.

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Coors Light is a low-alcohol, light beer made from the American Rocky Mountain peaks. The interesting point of this beer is that the logo on the bottle will change from silver to green to indicate that it is cold enough to enjoy. In the United States and many other countries Coors Light is known as the “Silver Bullet” because of its bright colors on cool bottles of Coors Light. That’s because Coors Light is directly chilled, creating a cool sensation with gentle taste suitable for active, communicative people.