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100 million years ago, there was a giant dinosaur that appeared in Patagonia (a southernmost geographic area of ​​South America today). They are so big that the whole world must shake through every step. The dinosaur species is called Patagotitan mayorum – the largest creature ever to walk on land in history. And now, also for the first time in history, science has done a research on them. It is known that this dinosaur fossil was discovered in 2014, and they have incredible sizes: 37m long, weighing 69-76 tons. This weight is smaller than the blue whale, but is similar to a shuttle shuttle spacecraft today. For a long time, science did not understand why and how their bodies could grow to size. Such a terrible size. Why should you never fight a dinosaur you will get Jurasskicked But the new research seems to have found the answer. Specifically, experts from the Egidio Feruglio (Argentina) Museum of Paleontology have conducted research on fossil pieces believed to be the remains of 6 to 7 adult dinosaurs. This number of fossil bones has about 150 bone fragments – including pieces of ribs, spine, and giant femur. “These are giant creatures, but extremely – extremely slow,” – said Diego Pol, the museum’s expert. “With creatures of this size, getting up and walking is a challenge.” However, such size is said to be appropriate for the times.

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Experts say Patagonia 100 million years ago was a prosperous place for plants. Flowers, grass grow and boom high, so herbivorous dinosaurs do not need to try to do anything. “What they had was the grass buffet from morning to night, and the dinosaurs kept getting bigger.” And the bigger, the less likely the possibility of being attacked by carnivorous dinosaurs. 100 million years ago was the era of T-rex tyrant dinosaurs, but in terms of size they were nothing. “Like a lion fighting elephants, it is simply too much,” Pol explained.