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Best Assshoe Husband Ever Black Hole 2019 shirt

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Eventually, Rogers and Barnes swung the rope onto the train carrying Dr. Zola; in the conflict on the ship, Barnes fell into the abyss in the presence of Rogers. Best Assshoe Husband Ever Black Hole 2019. Rogers with the information Phillips had exploited from Zola, led the commandos to Skull’s last base. Rogers climbs on Skull’s plane as it takes off to execute the plan to use Tesseract to level the United States, eventually confronting Skull. Red Skull tries to use the Tesseract directly but instead gets sucked into a portal opened by Tesseract’s energy. Tesseract fuses the shell and falls to Earth. As Carter heard in the telephone, Rogers crashed the plane into the North Pole. Stark found Tesseract again, but the Hydra plane was unable to locate it and Rogers was declared dead while fighting.