Official design Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree shirt

Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree shirt

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It was great, the halftime show is not for Rock Metal don’t be a lady be a legend shirt. I don’t want to think about political statements when I am having fun with the Super Bowl I want to have fun all the way to the end for all the political statement I will watch the news i hate when entertainers uses the Super Bowl halftime show to just make a statement, make a statement on your own time not on mine.

Why did she have to jump from the top of the Rock Metal don’t be a lady be a legend shirt? She looke like she had second thoughts doing it. Plus mic sounded too dry. But it was awesome. Not legendary, just awesome. This is exactly what’s wrong in this world. Too much hate and jealousy. I wish people would realize that if revel in strife, your whole life is an uphill battle until you die. A great message of unity and acceptance but good for her, no politics.

I couldn’t even watch the whole halftime just seeing her fly through the air in that outfit and with those cords like a human disco ball it just had me cracking up. Kind of a cheapshot to say politics were left out this year and then flash on Beyonce. They are standing in completely different shoes. I’m not a Gaga or Beyonce fan, but their shows were both great from what I hear.

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