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The Lunar Lunar Prime Minister boldly upgraded the power of the sailor warrior group into more powerful and decisive attacks. This change is entirely consistent with the content of the comic version, implying “victory” will not be easy for those who do not attempt to win it. Venus Star uses “Rolling Heart Vibration!” (Whirlpool resonator!) Replace “Crescent Beam!” (Crescent Bright Venus!) In the Crystal version In addition, improving the challenge in the battle scenes of the Inner Senshi series also makes the details in the Crystal version become more realistic and contribute to increasing the true meaning of each victory. I have the vocabulary of a well educated sailor shirt and sweatshirt It can be seen that Sailor Moon Crystal is not merely a re-make version that is hard-dry. The film has a clear inheritance from comic content and is improved to overcome the limitations that the original animation ever had. The beautiful group of sailors in sailors will meet the audience and fans in April 2017 on HTV3 On top of this passionate animation work is also a tribute from author Naoko Takeuchi to the girls. Although she has grown up, she used to spend part of her childhood dreaming about the dreams of sailors. Carrying that passionate message, Sailor Moon Pha Le has revived childhood memories in the hearts of fans.

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The fans all know that Pluto Sailor has successfully saved the Moon Sailor from the shape of Black Lady and the sailors who defeated the Black Moon clan. But the problem we are talking about is not in the present, but in the future. In order for Chibiusa to travel to the past, the Black Moon family has made a significant contribution to Chibiusa returning to the past in search of Silver Crystal to rescue her parents while they are protected. in crystal coffins in the palace. Why is her parents harmed? The answer is the Black Moon family. They never perished. They still exist in the future, taking on the role of motivation for Chibiusa to return to the past.